Ayurveda Detox at Home


Ayurveda detox at home (ADH) is a simple to follow online program developed by our doctors to cater you a personalised Ayurveda detox for you at your home.


2 Weeks


150 USD / 138 EURO / 242 AUD


Ayurveda the ancient medicine of healing describes health as a complete balanced and Coordinated Body, mind, senses and self. The very word used to describe health is “Swastha” – stabilized in the self. This state of health may be afflicted by external unhealthy interference in the daily activities.

Anything that interferes with this healthy process of being can be labelled as a toxin. It can be related to our irregular and unhealthy diet at a physical level or stress and anxiety at mental level. We are continuously affected by numerous factors which influence the status of our health.

To resolve this, Ayurveda suggests to undertake detox therapies at regular intervals to help and assist in neutralising these toxins and regain the natural state of well-being. Ayurveda detox programs usually require 15-30 days stay at an Ayurveda Centre, with intense external therapies and internal medicine.

Ayurveda Detox at Home (ADH) is a simple program designed by our Ayurveda experts to help our clients experience benefits of Ayurveda staying at home. Though not as intense as a classical Panchkarma at an Ayurveda Centre, this mini detox of Ayurveda will help you to enhance the inner state of health, awaken the innate renewal capacity of body and initiate the healing process at body and mind. This program is not an improbable and unrealistic but Meticulous and effective enough to make you feel better and healthier.

Profound healing with sustainable benefits

Grab a chance to experience the richness of Ayurveda staying at Home

Inclusions in the program
  • Three – one on one consultations with our Ayurveda doctor
  • Understand your personalised body mind type
  • Guidance about what Diet, lifestyle, activities, yoga, pranayama suits your body the best
  • Daily to do activities for two week
  • Meal plans
  • Recipes
  • Pre and post detox adjustments
  • Herbal teas to assist you in the detox process
  • Two Short educational videos on Ayurveda and Panchakarma
  • Personalised attention via emails/ WhatsApp
Who should do ADH?
  • Anyone who is intending a healthy life can opt for this program
  • If you have underlying ailments the detox week will be adjusted to help in healing process
  • You should definitely opt for ADH program if you have impaired digestion, fatigue, sluggish elimination, gas, bloating of abdomen, heaviness of the body, lethargy, impaired digestion, mental confusion, anxiety


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Anneliese, Belgium

I had the privilege to have Dr. Aparna as my doctor during a 28th days Panchakarma. She is very caring, loving, supportive and she actually listens to you. She has an incredible knowledge and provides a lot of information and feedback in such a passionate and humorous way. Essential is, she healed my chronic pains and even after the treatment, she makes herself available to help you. Just the type of doctor everyone needs!

Anandakrishnan, Mumbai

I am happy to share my recent experience with ayurvedic treatment. I am 39 year old and the current COVID condition and the consequent work from home situation (sedentary lifestyle) resulted in me losing significant weight with 2-3 months. I was told to test my blood glucose levels (HBA1c) and was shocked to see the levels (~12). To confirm I even rechecked with Fasting and PP and the result correlated with the earlier tests (~250 and ~415 mg/dL). While just a year ago my levels were normal this sudden change of me becoming a diabetic worried me a lot. I knew a lot of people who take allopathic medicines and continue that for life. While I was exploring indigenous/alternative medicines, I did not know whom to contact. I was lucky enough that one of my colleagues referred me to Dr. Aparna.

Dr. Aparna listened to me through video consultation I was advised the next course of action on the diet, lifestyle changes which I needed to make along with ayurvedic medicines. I strictly followed the same and within weeks, I was able to feel the difference. Doctor keeps track of my health regularly and how I feel to adjust the medicines accordingly. Now (less than 2 months since I started the treatment), my levels are back to normal (98 / 107 mg/dl). Many of my friends whom I spoke earlier couldn’t believe that such significant changes can happen within the short span. All these happened even without meeting the doctor face to face. I would highly recommend both ayurvedic treatment methods and Dr. Aparna to anyone who seek my opinion.

Shailaja, UK

“I would recommend Ayurveda to everyone, as it cures the ailments at a root level and not just the symptoms.
I found my consultation with Dr Aparna to be invaluable. My long standing acid reflux/heartburn and other issues due to pitta aggravation have significantly come down, very grateful for that!!
Dr Aparna has been amazing help and her simple dietary and lifestyle suggestions have made a huge difference to my health and well-being. She is very knowledgeable and has a genuine interest of patient’s health at her heart. I trust her advice and highly recommend her to anyone who needs the best Ayurvedic treatment.”

Michael, NZ

Aparna was the lead Ayurvedic doctor during a Panchakarma retreat I attended in Bali. During the retreat she attended me with kindness and an inclusive manner often missing in Western medicine and opened my eyes to the world of Ayurveda; its history, heritage and benefits as an approach to both wellness and healing. All of which added to the benefit I obtained from the retreat and interest I have in continuing to use Ayurveda in my life.

Jasrin singh, singapore

If you are looking for deep authentic Ayurvedic knowledge and a doctor with both wisdom and soul, then Dr Aparna is the one for you. Steeped in knowledge coming down from generations, she effortlessly gets to the root of the problem, and treats it perfectly. Whenever I am feeling out of balance in my physical body, Dr Aparna is my go to person. Thank you Dr Aparna for being you ❤️❤️❤️

Christine Bagnall, USA

I am glad to have the opportunity to meet and get to know Ayurveda Doctor Abhishek Joshi. He is an inspiring person with a genuine care for others and their health. He has a true passion for what he does. I always go to him first for any medical treatments Since I meet him, as we have found his advice, natural Ayurvedic medicine and council to be most effective and supportive. I have seen personal growth and positive changes in my life due to his support and advice. I strongly encourage and recommend his services of Ayurveda for education, health and natural remedies.

Mrs. Hira Jhamtani

Ayurvedic practice in daily life is made easy when you listen to the talks given by Dr. Abhishek Joshi. From self-message to balanced diet to herbal drinks and eating time table. Simple Ayurvedic steps for a healthier life.

Nefrititi, USA

Dr. Aparna is an amazing doctor, she not only uses her medical knowledge, but she is very intuitive. Dr. Aparna is always open to explore other alternatives to help her patients heal. She makes herself available, so you never feel alone or as if you’re just another patient on her to do list. I had the honor of being treated by Dr. Aparna while in Bali and she really set the bar high for future doctors. I wish there were more doctors like her that made you feel valued and truly cared for.

Mr. R. O. Sunil Babu

My deepest appreciation for the wonderful talk on “healthy living through Ayurveda” at consulate of India on the occasion of Ayurveda Day.

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