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Online Consultation

An Ayurveda consultation can be meant for curing a disease and also for maintaining good health by understanding about one’s own body. Consultations will give you an insight about your body constitution, bio energy and mind energy imbalances if any.

Ayurveda consultation with our qualified Ayurveda doctors will focus on addressing the root cause of imbalance rather than symptomatic treatment. Ayurveda promotes harmonizing and realigning the imbalanced humours in the body which in turn provides apt environment for body to heal within. Our Ayurveda doctors are like your family doctors who can be consulted for minor to major daily ailments.

The clients will be guided with specially tailored Ayurveda diet and life style. Apt recommendations with lucid ways to correct the imbalances through herbs, spices, therapeutic yoga, pranayama, meditations and stimulating vital energy points in the body. The doctor will also prescribes Ayurveda herbal medicines, Ayurveda treatments, Ayurveda Panchakarma (detox therapies) if required.

Time duration: 40-60 minutes

Please note: The clients who desire multiple consultations (especially having chronic ailments) will get every third Ayurveda consultation free.

Online Class


  • One to one personalized class
  • Simplified way of learning
  • Authentic Ayurveda knowledge with experts
  • Course materials will be provided in pdf format after class
  • Maximum of one hour lecture per session
  • One hour class = 50 minutes talk + 10 minutes Q & A’s
1 Discovering Ayurveda – Introduction to the ancient science
Know about Ayurveda – the ancient science of life, what it means, concept of health, history and other basic concepts
3 hours
2 Art of healthy living through Ayurveda (daily rituals of Ayurveda)
Living a lifestyle based on Ayurveda principles can help live a healthy life and gain back the vitality. This lecture will explain you how an ideal day should be and how it can be practically applied in our daily schedule
4 hours
3 Understanding the Doshas / Bio-energies in human body
Understanding your innate body type and the do’s and dont’s related to each type.
3 hours
4 Ayurveda philosophy – shat darshan
Understanding the philosophical principles of Ayurveda to gain a better understanding of this medical science
2 hours
5 Ayurveda herbology
Ayurveda principles of herbs are unique. There is a logical detailed herbology in Ayurveda. The principles which govern the use of herbal medicines will be discussed
4 hours
6 Ayurveda psychology and understanding mind constitution
Discover the senses-mind-intellect-memory-soul connection and understanding about the types of mental constitution in Ayurveda
3 hours
7 Pancha Karma (five detox therapies)
The most popular but most misunderstood term in Ayurveda. Get to know the five main detox therapies of Ayurveda and their benefits on body. The relevance of doing a regular panch karma
2 hours
1 Ayurveda nutrition
Understanding the principles of nutrition in Ayurveda and easy ways to adopt in daily life
4 hours
2 Understanding your food and developing eating awareness
How/when/what/where to eat are the basic fundamental questions answered here
4 hours
3 Set your gut right with Ayurveda
As Ayurveda principle suggest any disease has its origin in a faulty digestive fire/ a faulty gut. Learn easy ways to set your digestive errors with easy applicable remedies
2 hours
4 Healing herbs and spices form kitchen
Better to have food as medicine than having medicines as food. Find the benefits of commonly available kitchen herbs and spices which can set a lot of ailments in preliminary phase
2 hours
1 At peace with cancer through Ayurveda
Learn tips and to help you live a better life with Ayurveda
2 hours
2 Build up your immune system with Ayurveda
Learn ways to build up innate natural immunity by applying Ayurveda principles in daily life. Certain herbs, spices and yoga which can help to improve immunity
2 hours
3 Bringing balance back to life with Ayurveda
Learn how to bring life back in balance through ayurveda and yoga
2 hours
4 Tackling stress the holistic way
Learn about mind constitution, philosophy of mind in Ayurveda and related ailments. Stress being a major contributory factor for psychosomatic diseases. Find easy practical ways to tackle stress
2 hours
5 Dealing with diabetes with Ayurveda
Understand diabetes and Ayurveda ways to deal with diabetes at home. Diet, home remedies, daily work out, yoga to ease diabetes and problems related to it
2 hours
6 Manage your weight by Ayurveda
Easy practical ways to manage obesity /underweight as per your requirement
2 hours
7 Control your Cholesterol
Easy practical remedies to help you in controlling your cholesterol Ayurveda way
2 hours
8 Tackling Thyroid
Ayurveda remedies to help you in easing the thyroid problems. Food, herbal medicines, pranayama, yoga which can help you o tackle thyroid
2 hours
9 Arthritis and joint care
Learn how to care for your joints and heal them with simple diet, yoga, pranayama and simple Ayurveda techniques.
2 hours
10 Healthy skin
Learn how to keep your skin healthy and herbs which can heal the skin and make the skin glow
2 hours
1 Embracing menopause
Learn how to embrace menopause peacefully with Ayurveda diet life style and herbs
2 hours
2 Aging gracefully
Embracing a healthy diet and life style along with rejuvenative herbs can help to sail smoothly through old age related hurdles
3 hours
3 Ayurveda cosmetology
Healthy skin, hair and body through Ayurvedic herbs
2 hours
4 Plan your pregnancy with Ayurveda
Antenatal, natal and postnatal care
3 hours
1 Baby care with Ayurveda
Learn how to boost your baby’s immunity with herbs, enriching healthy diets, baby massages and use herbs to treat common illnesses in children
2 hours
2 Raising happy healthy Child: the Ayurveda way
Ayurveda guidance to bring up children in a healthy way through
2 hours
1 Ayurveda massage and its benefits
The correct and effective technique of Ayurveda massage and the immense benefits of Ayurveda massage
1 hour
2 Ayurveda cooking
Learn to cook the Ayurveda way. Few Ayurveda cuisine which can help to balance the body and mind
2 hours
1 Basics of yoga
The philosophy of Yoga, the principles and the basic understanding of what yoga is all about.
1 hour
2 Yoga in daily life
Practical easy postures for enhancing the energy and enthusiasm in daily life
1 hour
3 Ayurveda Dosha / Bio-energies specific yoga
Doing yoga with a sense of awareness helps bio-energies to settle down and ease the body as well as mind. If you know what is your Dosha type its best to do yoga accordingly.
1 hour
4 Astanga yoga
Learning the Astanga principles of yoga as mentioned in Patanjali Yoga Sutras
1 hour
5 Introductory Sanskrit
Learn basic introduction about the ancient language Sanskrit, often mentioned as language of Gods
1 hour

Therapeutic Yoga

Learn how to improve your wellbeing or address a specific health problem with a gentle version of yoga which is ideal for healing the body and mind.

Time duration: 40-60 minutes